Prof. P.C. Dandiya

A journey into Pharmacology


He was fortunate in going to other universities later. Of the many, he will like to mention the University of […]


When he went to the UK in1970 for a conference, he met a young man Paul Janssen who happened to […]

C.I.N.P. PRAGUE (1970)

PRAGUE 1970: By 1962,  Dr PC Dandiya   had become an active pharmacologist, attended meetings at many places in India […]

C.I.N.P. PARIS (1974)

For many years considerable research work in Neuro-psychopharmacology was going on in Paris. J.R Bolssier and P. Simon with whom […]

C.I.N.P. QUEBEC (1976)

It was a very special happening. The Congress was held in 1974 in Paris, a French city. The next one […]