At the age of 16 he left his home in the princely state of Jaipur in Rajasthan and sought admission to the newly created B. Pharm. Course at the Banaras Hindu University in 1943. No other University had that kind of facility so there
In 1959, a Colombo Plan Fellowship took him to Toronto where he studied at the University of Toronto for 3 years. It was an old university that had been established in 1827 and the Department of Pharmacology was created in 1887 when the Faculty
He was fortunate in going to other universities later. Of the many, he will like to mention the University of London (U.K.) in 1976. The six months he was there as a visiting Professor was memorable in as much that they did excellent research
When he went to the UK in1970 for a conference, he met a young man Paul Janssen who happened to belong to Belgium. At his invitation PCD went to visit his research laboratory in Beerse (Belgium).He  had gone there for two days but everything
PRAGUE 1970: By 1962,  Dr PC Dandiya   had become an active pharmacologist, attended meetings at many places in India and abroad, but his  connection with the Collegium International Neuro-psychopharmacolgium (CINP) had to wait for a few years. Although the CINP had been founded
For many years considerable research work in Neuro-psychopharmacology was going on in Paris. J.R Bolssier and P. Simon with whom he had worked in Paris in 1972 for 3 months had done remarkable work in this area both in experimental pharmacology and clinical trials,
It was a very special happening. The Congress was held in 1974 in Paris, a French city. The next one after that again in Quebec (Canada) a perfect French speaking city, where English was not understood. It was not welcome at all. His  colleague
In 1978 he moved to Tripoli (Libya) for a 4 year assignment to establish the Pharmacology Department of the Medical Faculty. This University was located near the Mediterranean sea and one could watch the ships passing through and going to the port. It was
In 1982 one morning he received a call from Dr. Iqbal Narain the Vice-Chancellor of the Banaras Hindu University. He wanted him to take up the position of the Professor and Head of Department of Pharmaceutics in the University. His Alma Mater inviting him
In 1984 he went as visiting professor of the Delhi University posted to work at Hamdard Research Centre. The job was to make a Health University at Hamdard. Hakim Abdul Hamid, the founder, whom he had known for a long time was devout educationist
One morning he received an invitation from Professor Liu of Nanjing Pharmaceutical University to be a visiting Professor with them in the summer of 2005. He had become so used to travel to the U.S.A., Canada and Europe that this one generated a great