In 1982 one morning he received a call from Dr. Iqbal Narain the Vice-Chancellor of the Banaras Hindu University. He wanted him to take up the position of the Professor and Head of Department of Pharmaceutics in the University. His Alma Mater inviting him to take up a position there after aI gap of 37 years, was both a thrill and a challenge. The oldest Department in the country that had been established in 1932 and that one which had produced pharmaceutical experts for the whole country for 60 years had gone into disarray and needed blood transfusion to rejuvenate. On arrival there he was able to recruit several very able researchers from far and wide as teachers, both the teaching programme and research activities were reactivated. The Ph.D. programme was expanded and intensified. The academic activity bounced back so fast that in 1983, 20 research scholars from the department presented papers at the various conferences in the country and abroad. He was made the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Rector) in addition. The Vice-Chancellor Dr. Iqbal Narain left the University and he took over as the acting Vice-Chancellor and was made to sit on the chair once occupied by the great Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, the founder of the University and Sir S. Radhakrishnan the famous authority on Hindu Religion and on Gita and his former mentor, who later become the President of the country.
Professor Dandiya thus found himself giving back to the great University that made him what he was, now a bit of his contribution at a time it needed it most. It was indeed a very satisfying 2½ years of his life at the Banaras Hindu University his, Alma Mater.

By the time of   this 10th CNIP Congress,  biological psychiatry had gained considerable importance. This new brand of psychiatry had its own organizations. Some of them belonged to the World Federation of National Societies in Biological Psychiatry.