When he went to the UK in1970 for a conference, he met a young man Paul Janssen who happened to belong to Belgium. At his invitation PCD went to visit his research laboratory in Beerse (Belgium).He  had gone there for two days but everything around was so interesting that it ended up staying for 15. Janssen had discovered a number of anthelmintics and had just introduced haloperidol a new neuroleptic in the market and this soon replaced the almighty chlorpromazine and became a highly popular drug of the 1970-80’s. Never did he see so much happening under one roof; synthesis of new compounds, their pharmacological screening, clinical trials, development of dosage forms and manufacturing on a commercial scale and almost all for export. Once in 1976 Paul came to India and he  met him in Bombay. Both took a flight to Jaipur where he was to give a talk on his discoveries to the faculty of SMS Medical College but the plane developed a mechanical problem and landed in Udaipur on the way.  With the help of Dr. K.P. Singh who was the Head of the Department of Pharmacology at Udaipur Medical College he  was able to arrange his talk there.  Paul and him became  good friends and used to meet at many places in Europe and he visited Jaipur a number of times. Amongst the many drugs that he discovered at Janssen Pharmaceutica the following are worth mentioning. Haloperidol (1959), Trifluperidol (1961) Droperidol (1963),  Pimozide (1970),  Mebendazole (1972),  Astemizole (1973) all conceived and and launched from in a private laboratory and contributed so much to science, industry & healthcare. Paul died in 2003 and it was a very personal loss  to  Dr Dandiya . He learnt so much at the small place Beerse  in  a small country ie Belgium.