C.I.N.P. PARIS (1974)

For many years considerable research work in Neuro-psychopharmacology was going on in Paris. J.R Bolssier and P. Simon with whom he had worked in Paris in 1972 for 3 months had done remarkable work in this area both in experimental pharmacology and clinical trials, so for him the CINP conference at Paris in 1974 had a special attraction. Dr. S.K. Kulkarni, his former student had also worked in this laboratory as a postdoctoral scholar.

The scientific programme covered a wide scope of topics and was prepared by a committee headed by the pharmacologist J.R Boissier, with L.E Hollister, N Matussek, O.Rafaelsen and Sir Martin Roth as committee members. P. Pichot was responsible for the local organization and was energetically supported by the French CINP members (in particular by P.Simon from Paris). The congress took place in the “Palais des Congres” at Porte Maillot, at the time one of the most modern conference centers for large scientific meetings in Europe. There was plenty of room to cater for the comprehensive scientific programme of the “open congress”: 12 symposia – 2 special sessions similar to symposia – approximately 350 platform presentations – and, for the first time at a CINP congress, 60 posters.

Dr Hippins was the president and for the first time a 1000 page long preceding volume was published by Excerpta Medica. Dr K.P. Bhargava of Lucknow also attended it from India, although he saw him there only on the last and the 4th day of the conference. He attended a symposium on Drug Abuse: New Models, New treatments using Methadone that was interesting and very educative.