C.I.N.P. QUEBEC (1976)

It was a very special happening. The Congress was held in 1974 in Paris, a French city. The next one after that again in Quebec (Canada) a perfect French speaking city, where English was not understood. It was not welcome at all. His  colleague Dr J.S Bapna also went with him  and he met a hostile reception as soon he arrived in the city travelling all the way by road. Although he  had spent 3 years in Canada, this was the first time he  had gone to the French Enclave in Canada. Of course the Congress deliberations were in English and Dr B Deniker the president and Dr H Hollister the president elect were both English speaking.  He talked there  on “Is apomorphine an agent inducing stereotypy?  The 10th CNIP Congress in Quebec City marked an important step in history of CNIP because it was the first meeting with proceedings published in two volumes. The proceedings of the first six congresses were published by Elsevier, and the proceedings of the later meetings were published by Excerpta Medica.  From the time of the Quebec Congress it was not possible to include all the papers in one volume. Furthermore since 1978 the CNIP had no regular publication.

By the time of   this 10th CNIP Congress,  biological psychiatry had gained considerable importance. This new brand of psychiatry had its own organizations. Some of them belonged to the World Federation of National Societies in Biological Psychiatry.