One morning he received an invitation from Professor Liu of Nanjing Pharmaceutical University to be a visiting Professor with them in the summer of 2005. He had become so used to travel to the U.S.A., Canada and Europe that this one generated a great deal of excitement. An oriental country where the language was non- European, people were shaped differently and their color was yellow, the eyes only half open, was completely unknown. He flew to Beijing where he was met by one English speaking girl, Suzanne, who traveled overnight with him to Nanjing by rail where he was met by Professor Liu and two more professors. His first lecture at the University was after lunch. About 150 members of a faculty of 560, attended and he spoke with the help of Power Point slides. After every few minutes Professor Liu translated his talk in Chinese. After the lecture about half a dozen questions came. No one asked a second time. Perhaps they had rehearsed only one for one in acceptable English. This went on for 3 days when he was taken to other Universities in the neighborhood cities. Everywhere the lecture was followed by a big dinner attended by about a dozen of the faculty. He was also taken to some pharmaceutical houses where the scientists met him. It was a great experience. Their desire to show him around, both the people and the ancient monuments were intense.

After a couple of months he again received an invitation, this time to attend the annual meeting of the Chinese Pharmacological Society at Dalian in Northeast China. Dalian University has the largest post graduate teaching centre in Pharmacology at the Medical Faculty. They spoke some English as well. At the conference they all used the Power Point and bi-lingual slides so it was easier for PCD. Out of the 20 post-graduate students 18 were girls, each wanted to go to the U.S.A or Canada for further studies. These ones had quite an appetite for alcohol and conversations. On the last day a group photograph of all the 650 delegates was taken, all Chinese and some expatriates from the U.S. and Canada. In this photograph he was made to sit next to the Chief Guest, the Drugs Controller General of China, Dr Ho Chin. This photograph is displayed in his office in the S.M.S Medical College. Two years later, he read in Times of India front page that Dr Ho Chin of China was executed, having been found guilty of allowing a substandard batch of ampicillin to be sold in the market for a consideration, He was still sitting next to Pressor Dandiya in his office room. Imagine!