In 1978 he moved to Tripoli (Libya) for a 4 year assignment to establish the Pharmacology Department of the Medical Faculty. This University was located near the Mediterranean sea and one could watch the ships passing through and going to the port. It was a challenging assignment where Dr Dandiya had to break the language barrier and instruct in English and manage the teachers recruited from various countries. eg. Poland, Canada, Egypt, India and Bangladesh. But things went wonderfully well. Funds were never short. You could buy anything, even an elephant as long as you were not getting it from a Jewish organization. The students, though weak in English, were keen learners, better than he had a chance to teach anywhere earlier. Very soon they were able to establish a first grade Experimental Pharmacology laboratory there. For short- term teachers and examiners, they were able to get them from all over the globe including the U.K, Canada, U.S.A, and other European countries. Dr Dandiya’s friends, W. Kalow and Gordon Johnson from Canada and Dr Pushkar Kaul from U.S.A came there several times.