C.I.N.P. PRAGUE (1970)

PRAGUE 1970: By 1962,  Dr PC Dandiya   had become an active pharmacologist, attended meetings at many places in India and abroad, but his  connection with the Collegium International Neuro-psychopharmacolgium (CINP) had to wait for a few years. Although the CINP had been founded in 1957,  he was elected a fellow only in 1969 and the first CINP annual conference that he  attended was in 1970 in Prague. While in Prague he met H.E. Lehmann, at the time the President of the CINP, and several other neuro-psycho-pharmacologists, overall it was a strange experience for him  in Prague the capital city of Czechoslovakia. They were living in a communist regime where every common commodity was in short supply. They tried to look after the delegates as well as they could but there was an utter lack of facilities and even food shortage was common. Though 2000 scientists from 48 countries participated in the conference; the arrangements for presentation of papers were poor. This country had a great tradition of synthesizing new psychotropic drugs and they used many that had not been accepted by the western countries. They had developed their own system of conducting clinical trials. Biochemical studies, Receptor binding studies were more intense and were carried out side by side with drug efficacy showing clearly the interdisciplinary character of psychopharmacology in Czechoslovakia. Professor Votava the chairman was a great enthusiast. He took personal care of PCD as he was the only delegate from India. After the conference was over Votava took about 40 delegates that included him, to a boat party on Vitava River where to his surprise there was no shortage of good food and good wine. Obviously Votava had used his connections with those in the government who had encouraged him to invite such a big conference in an impoverished country that was once the jewel of Europe.

Ar Prague he  spoke on ”The Cannabis Practice in India’’ and  : “The influence of antidepressants and diphenhydramine alone and in combination of C.N.S. Stimulants and Hallucinogens on rats in special circumstances”.  The later was published in their own journal Pharmacopsychiatry Neuro-Psychopharmacology in  1970.

In later years PCD continued attending such conferences held in Copenhagen 1972, Paris 1974 and Quebec 1976.