He was fortunate in going to other universities later. Of the many, he will like to mention the University of London (U.K.) in 1976. The six months he was there as a visiting Professor was memorable in as much that they did excellent research work in spite of working in very crowded laboratories. The Professors there did not have impressive office rooms and great looking secretaries yet the quality of work there was superb. Dr. Hannah Steinberg with whom he worked and shared her office, expressed to him  the desire to take 2 weeks off if he  agreed to monitor the work in her absence (going on in her famous laboratories at that time). It was a lot of responsibility as he  had to inject the animals at midnight every night during her absence and take readings every morning and evening. It was a great challenge but immensely satisfying.

Dr. Hannah Steinberg’s Lab, University of London

Another thing that surprised him was that the Faculty there ate their lunch in a large banquet hall where table service was provided and a four course lunch served. You paid for it, of course. The Royal style of the British had faded but not disappeared completely.