About Prof. Dandiya

Prof. Prem Chand Dandiya is a doyen of Indian Pharmacology and a luminary of the profession of Pharmacy, and he has made significant contributions to the advancement of pharmacological research and pharmaceutical education in India. His contributions spread over six decades in several Indian and foreign Universities.

Awards & Recognition

He specialized in Psycho-neuro-pharmacology and was elected the Fellow of International College of Psycho-neuro-pharmacologists. His researches in pharmacology received global recognition.

A Journey into Pharmacology

The journey started in 1943 at Banaras Hindu University. This was followed by his assignments at vaious istituitions of repute in India and abroad. He recieved several awards and honours for his contrubitions to the field of Pharmacology. The National Academy of Medical Sciences honoured him with 'Lifetime Achievement Award' for his outstanding contributions to the profession of Medicine. He is well known as an outstanding teaching, research guide, advisor to the Pharmacologists and a mentor to the health 


He has published 170 research papers and 16 books in the field of his specialisation and was invited to write 'Pharmacological Research in India' by the Annual Review of Pharmacology, 1974.

P.C. Dandiya Trust

The Premchand Dandiya Endowment Trust was formed in 1991 by his students and well-wishers. The trust aspires to propogate the scientific fervor of the man by organising orations, conferences and scientific activites by inviting eminemnt men of Science who have made significant contributions to the development and growth of Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences. As a further step towards achieving the objectives, the trustees have also instituted awards for the best research paper, review article and books published in the field of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.